De consoles zijn ons weer snel aan het inhalen, ze komen zelfs als eerste met Final Fantasy op het net.One of the RPG genre's biggest games is finally getting a multiplayer component. Industry trade MCV is reporting that Final Fantasy X, for the PS2, and Final Fantasy XI, shipping for the PC and PS2 in 2001, will offer full internet support. Square tells the trade that gameplay will be easier than the rabidly popular EverQuest, in order to attract a more mainstream audience, and that the waiting rooms will be a more social environment. As you await the arrival of friends, you'll be able to read cartoons, listen to songs or access real-time information about your favorite sports teams. (Keep in mind that this is all being envisioned over a broadband network.) Zo nu ook even compatible maken met PC versies en in een klap wereld vrede tussen consolers en PC gamers