Vorige week is er een plaatje (zie hieronder) met de outlines van de models van Final Fantasy IX in de ether geworpen. Vandaag is er wat meer info over.

Square Gamer verteld ons wie wie is en waarom. Garnet Till Alexandros (Top row, left)

The princess of a royal house; as royalty, her values are different from those of the common people, and because of this many think she is selfish. While currently unconfirmed, it is very likely this is the princess who Steiner is assigned to protect. Garnet is the girl from the Coke commercial with the yellow disco getup; her name is NOT Eiko, as previously believed.

Quina Quen (Top row, middle) A strange gourmand wrapped in total mystery, Quina cares for nothing but food and eating. Info over de andere characters vind je hier.