Squaresoft heeft Final Fantasy IX, X, en XI aangekondigd. Hopen dat een PC port snel on the way is The first details from the Square Millennium conference in Yokohama Japan have just come in. Square has officially announced not just one Final Fantasy game but three. The focus of the show was the online capability of the PlayStation 2 and the future of the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy IX was officially announced for the PSX and Final Fantasy X and XI for the PS2. Final Fantasy IX was the biggest thing everyone was looking forward to at the show and it comes as little suprise that it was on of the mystery titles. The next installment in Square's RPG wonder series will be released summer 2000 in Japan and take a step back in the style of the series. Several scenes of FMV we're also shown from the game displaying scenes of many airships and cartoon like characters. Reveiled also we're a black mage, a dragon, and some type of character with a cheetah like tail. A welcome addition is the ability to have four characters in a party at once instead of the now standard three from Final Fantasy VII and VIII. The game looks to use a traditional Final Fantasy interface with bars for HP, MP and time all shown in the footage at the event. Lees de rest hier.