De jongens van Gamespot UK verblijden ons dit keer met een preview van Final Fantasy 8. Mooiere grafx, betere gameplay enzovoort:FFVIII keeps the faith, but continues in the footsteps left by number seven by further pushing the graphics and tweaking the battle functions. Make no mistake - this is an absolutely gorgeous game. The graphics are lush and incredibly realistic, from the cinematic cut-scenes to the beautifully developed game settings. Unlike most games with a high-quality animated intro, there's little let-down when you get to the actual meat of the game. Characters move like real people and emote through posture and gesture, making it perfectly possible to read their body language before glancing up at their speech boxes. There's so little difference between the active version of a character and their animated cut-scene appearance that you don't even have to double-check who they are on the menu screen. The camera POV sweeps about, emphasising perspective and keeping the battle scenes fresh. Altogether, it's mind-bogglingly impressive.