De mannen van Wewp! Entertainment hebben een preview op hun site gegooid van Fighter Ace II (van Micro$oft ). Hieronder een knippie:Following the success of Fighter Ace, VA-1 and Microsoft are working hard to bring us Fighter Ace II. Fighter Ace II is a multiplayer World War 2 combat flight simulator. In it you have the option of flying for the USA, Germany, Russia, Great Britain, Japan, and the Soviet Union. In an open game, each country has around seven planes for you to choose from, but this can be restricted for historically accurate combat. The plane selection screen is extremely helpful, with a five star system to rate the characteristics of the aircraft, plus an overview of its design and how it performed in the war.

The airplane selection screen is extremely helpful for pilots in search of the perfect plane for their needs. There is a five-star system to rate each of the plane's main attributes: Durability, Speed, Maneuverability, Firepower, Climb Rate, and Ground Attack. Following this is a historical account of the introduction of the airplane and how it was used during the war.