Gisteren nog World Cup 98 gespeeld en binnenkort weer 2001. Elk jaar is de gameplay toch weer anders. Fifa98, 99 een 2000 verschillen toch van elkaar.

Meer van hetzelfde wordt vaak gezegd...ach als je maar plezier hebt Year after year, the FIFA series has delivered consistent and innovative gameplay, stellar graphics, and enough features to please any die-hard soccer fan. The series has always taken chances (it was the first EA Sports title to incorporate 3D graphics and gameplay), but it always seems overshadowed by the latest Madden, NBA, Triple Play, and NHL titles. Regardless, EA has, for the most part, always gotten it right, and there have been a few years in which FIFA was the best sports game going, period--though this was not the case with last year's edition.

Whether to purchase a title like FIFA usually takes little thought. If you like soccer, you know you will want to check it out--and it's from EA Sports, meaning the odds are good you will be purchasing this year's definitive soccer title, rather than a generic pretender to the throne. While it may not feel like a whole new game, FIFA 2001 improves considerably on last year's title, and is the closest thing out there to a must-have for some cleat-based action.

The good: Nice graphics; smooth player movements; amazing selection of teams; improved AI; rocking soundtrack; tight play control; varied and accurate color commentary (the accents are back!). The bad: More preset cameras would have been nice; a few customization bells and whistles are notably absent. The bottom line: While a few points shy of perfection, FIFA 2001 looks great, plays well, and is the best soccer game going. FIFA 2001 it's in the game and allmost in the store.