Gamespot beweert de eerste review van Fifa 2000 te hebben geplaatst. Hier hun conclusie...Still, at the end of the day, these are about the only two real criticisms I could find to level at the game. It's easy to forgive these minor imperfections when you find yourself screaming and shouting at a virtual referee over a dubious yellow, positively urging your midfield to get stuck in or hitting a last-minute winner to beat Arsenal at home and avoid relegation by the skin of your teeth. FIFA 2000 positively drips with authentic footballing atmosphere and if you add in a few mates and some assorted gamepads, you'll realise that this is one of the most addictive footballing experiences ever. FIFA 2000 is involving, compulsive and highly frustrating - just like the real thing! It offers a highly realistic, visually stunning and immensely satisfying game of football. You may own every game in the FIFA series prior to this one but believe me, you will positively kick yourself if you miss it. Score: 9.5Niet bepaald een slechte score.....lijkt mij