Felony Pursuit, gemaakt door Polygon Studio, wordt een race game waarbij je in de huid kruipt van een politie agent op jacht naar de bad-guys. Het speelt zich af in de 21e eeuw (volgend jaar?) in een stad met te veel badguys. Het moet een realistische drukke stad worden waar je doorheen scheurt (a la Midtown Madness).Rendered in a 3D environment at up to 60 frames per second, Felony Pursuit features over 100 miles of traffic-infested urban chaos. "The main idea behind Felony Pursuit was to incorporate the mayhem of a multiplayer Daytona USA game into a free roaming environment à la Quake," confides Proto. "We wanted to simulate a modern city as closely as possible, put the player inside, and let him break all the rules he is supposed to respect in the every day life." To bring this world of high-speed pursuits and vehicular mayhem to life, the team developed an entirely new engine. "The game engine was entirely made from scratch by the team of Polygon Studio," Proto explains. "The rendering engine features real-time geometry decompression algorithms in order to store the immense database of the city into the memories of PCs and DCs. The physics engine is one of the most realistic to this day, but we kept the handling of the cars accessible: think crazy taxi meets ridge racer." Deze game staat gepland voor de winter van 2000 (komende winter dus).