Vault 13 heeft de eerste impressies van de winkelversie van Fallout Tactics op het net gezet. De schrijver is vrij positief over het spel, zowel single als multiplayer zijn zeker de moeite waard.

The graphics in the game are very crisp and clean. The game supports 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions, in both 16 or 32 bit color. The game uses anti-aliased sprites and does a very good job of keeping the graphics up to par with today's games. On my machine, there is the occasional slowdown in 1024x768, when many people are on the screen; but in 800x600, the game runs without a hitch. The explosions are very impressive, as well as death animations. The death animations have to be the best I have seen in any game, the one resulting from a close range shotgun blast is quite realistic. The sound is just as good as the graphics in adding effect to the game. The weapon sounds are very crisp and realistic, with the 3d audio you can even judge distances to a firefight. The voice acting is very well done, voices are used throughout the game for mission briefings, some limited dialog, and of course the evil bosses before they try to rip you to shreds.

Je kan meer apocalyptische taferelen bij Vault13 vinden.