Er komt toch een vervolg op de beroemde Fallout serie. Deze keer heb je naast single-player ook multiplayer mogelijkheden en een keuze tussen real-time en turn-based aktie. Fallout: Tactics is a turn-based, third person tactical combat game with RPG character development and depth of story line. Fallout: Tactics will feature a robust phase-based multiplayer engine. Fallout: Tactics takes place in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the middle of North America. The player controls the main character as the leader of a squad of Brotherhood of Steel warriors. The squad consists of a maximum of six characters, including the main character. Fallout is a successful established RPG license, and Fallout: Tactics will have the best pre-rendered graphics available in a game engine that uses turn-based tactics, with emphasis on a lesser number of units. Key Features [bullet]Squad Based Tactics

[bullet]Control a squad of up to 6 characters in any mission.

[bullet]Assemble your squad from a pool of up to 30 recruits.

[bullet]Control each squad member directly to achieve a variety of tactical goals, such as Scout, Locate, Deploy, Patrol, Attack, Defend, Retrieve, Destroy, Follow and Ambush.

Multiplayer [bullet]TCP/IP, Mplayer, LAN. No serial, no modem.

[bullet]8 multiplayer specific maps, plus the possibility of access to the single player missions with multiplayer characters.

[bullet]Up to 5 different play modes, and one specific map for each mode of play.

[bullet]The more players you have, the less squad members you can have. Have a maximum number of players of 18 with 2 characters each, a muximum of characters of 6 each with 6 players. This minimizes the amount of time players need to wait between turns.

[bullet]"Quick game" option. Press a button, fill in the minimum of details, press a button and the game starts, allocates points to characters, balances the game, etc. To make starting a game really quick.

[bullet]Balancing Point System allos players to create opposing teams of equal destructive value.

[bullet]Timer system, from 2 seconds up per player character move.

[bullet]Sequence Cue HUD desplays the current player/character's turn, who's up next and how soon.

[bullet]Team play, with shared vision between teams.

[bullet]Real- Time Preparation

[bullet]Ability to plan and register actions while the other player is acting keeps all player engaged.

[bullet]Actions can be prepared in the Action Cue, but not executed until it is the character's turn.

[bullet]when that character's turn comes up, they use the Action Cure to press "go" and execute the prepared actions, press "step" button to step through executing actions, or reconfigure the actions for that turn.

[bullet]Ability to monitor the action when it isn't your turn.

Characters [bullet]Up to 9 player character types.

[bullet]Up to 45 NPC types and critters.

[bullet]Specialists - Create new characters, choose from archetypes, import single player characters. Good for the first-time player.

[bullet]Player death - A new "dying" stage gives the other members of the squad a chance to revive their fallen comrade.

Vehicles [bullet]Move up three times faster than a man on foot.

[bullet]Provide armor and heavier weapons.

[bullet]Variety of vehicles, from single person scouts to 6 person armored carriers.

[bullet]Vehicle seating manifest to control which character is doing the driving.

[bullet]Vehicles will be able to store and carry heavy equipment.

[bullet]Player will be able to target the pilot, other passengers, and key points on the vehicle.

[bullet]Run over people! > Environment [bullet]Move through different environments, including tribal villages, barren wastelands, fallen skyscrapers, raider strongholds, pre-war industrial ruins, robot factories, snow covered military installations and Brotherhood of Steel fortresses. Advanced Engine [bullet]Anti Aliased Sprites - characters are in the world, not just stuck on.

[bullet]Color swapping - multiple variations of every unit, plus team differentiation for multiplayer.

[bullet]Height - ability to climb buildings and lie low, giving the character Line of Sight advantage.

[bullet]Unlimited (within reason!) Size Maps.

[bullet]Interact with the environment - blow up barrels, destroy doors and other obstacles.

[bullet]Night and Day will have perceivable gameplay effects.

Mission Structure [bullet]20 core missions in 6 stages.

[bullet]Up to 18 side missions for extra experience and plot exposition, but not essential to the completion of the game.

[bullet]Interwoven consequences - completing one mission will affect other missions in that stage.

[bullet]Early missions act as tutorial levels without interrupting the flow of the game.

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