Een van de betere Fallout fansite's Duck and Cover heeft een interview gehouden met Black Isle Studios' Feargus Urquhart over Fallout 3. Ook al is de titel nog niet definief aangekodigd, er is in ieder geval al wel over nagedacht.

Het grootste probleem bij het vormen van een goed team is tot nu toe geweest dat veel mensen nodig waren bij andere topspellen zoals Icewind Dale en Baldur's Gate 2. Op dit moment zijn de mensen bezig met andere titels, terwijl er ook diep wordt nagedacht over een nieuw deel in de Fallout serie. What have been the biggest stumbling blocks over the last few years in getting Fallout 3 made?

[Urquhart, Feargus] The biggest thing has really been resources and time. We did start Fallout 3 in early 1999, but things were not moving forward that quickly. Plus, we needed to get another project out relatively soon because of Interplay's financial situation. So, the Fallout 3 team became the Icewind Dale team. We had then hoped to start Fallout 3 after Icewind Dale was completed, however at that time both Chris Parker and I had to jump in and spend pretty much every waking moment on Baldur's Gate 2 until it shipped in late September of 2000. Since we were going to be very busy and not able to help a Fallout 3 get started, I decided to have the team work on the Heart of Winter expansion. Since the team completed that in February of this year, they have been working on the miscellaneous projects - but have started thinking about Fallout 3. Plus, a lot of people have been transferred over to work on TORN to help that get done as quickly as possible.

Meer feiten, fictie en idee├źn over Fallout 3 kan je lezen in het interview