F.A.K.K. 2 een game waar veel mensen op hebben zitten wachten, maar was F.A.K.K. 2 het wachten waard ?

Voodooextreme maakte een review met heel veel plaatjes, dus ook alle plaatjeskijkers komen aan bod The weapons in FAKK2 boast impressive visual effects, but the models look arcadishly oversized and funky. The mix of melee and ranged weapons is nice, as are the varying levels of technology of the arsenal. From dark ages era axes, slings, swords, shields, to gun power based pistols and rifles to alien asteroid ammunition, plus heavy weapons and magic – FAKK2 pretty much has all the weapons you need to frag your way and save your planet from the evil which looms in orbit, infiltrating the planet below.

I really enjoyed Heavy Metal FAKK2, but a few factors keep it from being a truly great game. First, it's too short. I've heard of people beating the entire game in less than six hours. While I'm all for playing short games (it makes reviewing them much easier) the average consumer isn't too keen on getting short-changed, especially ones who can't afford to buy a new PC game every week. With no multi-player support, the problem

only compounds itself, making FAKK2 more of a pleasant diversion than an epic adventure. The traditional Tomb Raider gameplay mixed with fast paced action and tough bosses was a blast, but the ending left this gamer wanting much, more. (Perhaps another six hours of gameplay?) As it stands, FAKK2 is a good game which could've been great. Congratulations to Ritual for developing FAKK2 in such a short span of time. Final

Score: 86%

Helaas geen multi-player en dan ook nog eens erg kort, erg jammer, maar het laat weer ruimte over voor een addon

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