Leuk, addons voor Tribes. hmmm, ik wist niet dat die nog gemaakt zouden worden, misschien tijd om het weer eens te spelen ? EZConsole New Features (not a full list): Multi Server Functionality Redesigned Interface. Enhanced multi-threaded TCP/IP code. Real Time Bandwidth Monitoring (requires EZServer). EZServer Features (not a full list): Bandwidth Monitoring (Exportable to the web). Realtime Bandwidth Interface To EZConsole. EZ Step by Step guide to setting up a server. Preset CTF Serverconfig template. Built-in Infinate respawn. EZServer is intended to be everything you need to run a dedicated tribes server. It has built-in help and a ctf template to get you started. It also provides infinate respawn and bandwidth monitoring capibilities.download hier EZConsole 2.0. en hier EZServer 1.1.