Op gameaddict vinden we een review van extreme biker die met 4 uit 5 sterren best goed scoort. conclusie van gameaddict:Edgar Torronteras' Extreme Biker has definitely won me over. A lot of effort and detail was put into every track that you race on. The number of game modes and the multiplayer keeps you interested in this game. There are also hidden tracks, bikes, and bonuses. Just keep a look out for hard to reach objects as you race. The tutorials and the assistants make it easy for beginners (like me) to learn to play. There are also downloadable extras on the Deibus website. You can find bike and rider skin templates and a track editor. If you are one of those people waiting for Motocross Madness 2, stop waiting and get this game. You won't be disappointed and you might be surprised how well it compares to MM2 when it is finally finished.