De dreamcast versie van Half Life heeft een extra missie met de security gaurd uit de addon Opposing force in de hoofdrol. Waarschijnlijk gaat Sierra deze gratis voor de pc beschikbaar stellen, dit is nog niet officieel bevestigd en er wordt nog niet aan gewerkt.When it was announced that the Dreamcast version of Half-Life would contain an extra mission featuring Barney, the security guard character created at Gearbox for their PC add-on, Opposing Force, the first question to pop into our heads was, “Would Sierra and Gearbox release the mission for free for PC users?” The answer Gearbox's Randy Pitchford gave us was a bit cryptic: “When this version ships, the Barney mission will be exclusive to the Dreamcast. At some point after launch, I'm sure there will be incentives for everyone to have this game on other platforms such as the PC. However, the plan for that is still to be determined.”