Vannacht is beta 1 van de Existence mod voor Half-Life uitgekomen. De mod brengt een soort Matrixgameplay naar de populaire Valve shooter.

De Existence release was een groot succes met meer dan 1000 mensen bij de IRC Launch party. Helaas zijn er nu al wat bugs gevonden in de release en er wordt al hard gewerkt aan een update.

Story Line Based Objectives

Multiple objectives for both teams follow the storyline behind Existence, each objective interacts with the opposite teams objectives, creating more conflicts.

Dual Weapons Select

single or dual firearms from the available weapons. Control your ammo count by having the ability to fire a desired gun [(left/right) primary/secondary fire]

Limb Damage Damage

inflicted on a player varies depending on where the player is hit, damage animations also show where a player has been hit

Kung Fu A kung fu system

selectable from the weapons menu, kicks out the player view to a 3rd person camera angle. Perform a range of 6 kung fu moves, with fast combo moves, or slower strong attacks.

De mod kan je downloaden bij de official page.