Ondanks dat Jimmy ver weg in Amerika zit, denkt ie toch aan me

Als diehard X-Com fan had ik hem gevraagd wat info over X-Com Alliance te verzamelen. En tot mijn grote vreugde heeft hij het "laatste" nieuws gesubmit.

X-Com alliance is het 5e deel in een serie waar de mensheid het opneemt tegen Aliens die de wereld willen veroveren...Spine-tingling X-COM™ gameplay returns… There's an emergency on board the X-COM research vessel UGS Patton. An unexplained phenomenon has transported the ship, its crew and you to an uncharted region of space. But that's just the beginning-you're right in the middle of an interplanetary war! Survival is the top priority. As the ship's primary tactician and squad leader, you find it necessary to ally your forces with a new alien race and join the war. Unbelievably their enemy is the same assortment of insidious aliens that attacked Earth nearly 60 years ago! There's no going back, no second chances, no time-outs. They're playing for keeps and the stakes are high. Manage your troopers, explore your surroundings, capture alien technology and kick these aliens out of the cosmos! Key Features:

- All new first-person perspective for characters

- Continues X-COM's award-winning gameplay-troop management, alien research, training and missions

- Lead/control squads of up to 4 (3+ player) troopers in real-time

- Lifelike Artificial Intelligence allows characters to act sensibly to their environment

- Diverse realistic characters with distinct personalities, voices and skills

Worldwide Launch: November 15, 2000 Dat wordt dus nog even wachten...