Als er een naam niet mag ontbreken op de E3 in Amerika is dat wel die van Star Trek. De afgelopen tijd zijn er al een aantal titels uitgekomen maar de storm is nog niet voorbij. Bij de E3 staat Dominion Wars op het menu. Ondanks dat Jimmy's buik al volzat met screenshots wist ie er toch nog 3 te verslinden STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE - DOMINION WARS will allow gamers simultaneous control of up to six different ships in real time combat from four different races: Federation, Klingon, Cardassian and Jem 'Hadar. Players will be able to recruit a range of different ships and captains through the use of a point system and engage in both single and multi-player battles. DOMINION WARS takes its title and story line from the last two seasons of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine television series, in which the Federation and its Klingon allies battled for control of the Alpha Quadrant against the Cardassians and the invading Dominion. The game is designed so that players will experience every photon blast and phaser strike as they campaign through this epic struggle. DOMINION WARS' key features include: - 30 missions spread across three different campaigns and four races: Federation, Klingon, Cardassian and Jem'Hadar, all combine to give the game phenomenal depth.

- Take command of more than 20 different classes of starships from each of four different races, including Star Trek favorites like the Defiant, Galaxy and Sovereign classes, and never-before-seen ship designs created exclusively for DOMINION WARS.

- Build your own fleet and groom your captains as they are carried forward from mission to mission. Choose the right ships and captains to meet the mission objectives at hand.

- Command up to six ships simultaneously, with an unprecedented level of control over each ship.

- Sophisticated AI (artificial intelligence) enables ultra-realistic behavior of both allies and enemy ships.

- Includes several multiplayer scenarios for Internet and LAN play, such as a starbase attack/defend. Up to eight online gamers at a time will be able to play from the point-of-view of any one of the four races.

STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE - DOMINION WARS is scheduled to release on October 17, 2000 for the PC (Windows 98/95). (als ze dat maar halen )