Jimmy vd Have schrijft: "Hoi allen. Omdat de internetconnectie hier 2 dagen down was, nu pas wat nieuws. Hieronder de laatste artikelen." “Combat Flight Simulator 2: WWII Pacific Theater” takes the excitement, realism and challenge of the best-selling “Combat Flight Simulator” from the skies over Europe to the South Pacific for one of the most fierce air battles of World War II. Amid the Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO) of 1941–43, players will start out as rookie ensigns and will be challenged to hone their skills to become ace of the skies by engaging in one thrilling air battle after another. “Combat Flight Simulator 2” takes the combat realism beyond the fighter plant to the pilots who fought in the fierce action as the gritty storyline unfolds in gritty realism as the war rages across the Solomon Islands. Players can fly for either the Japanese or U.S. Navy in more than 120 distinctly intense and taxing missions. Key Features:

[bullet]New Pacific Theater aircraft. In “Combat Flight Simulator 2,” players can choose to pilot a variety of American and Japanese aircraft, each accurately representing its historical counterpart. Players can fly the deadly single-engine American Vought F4U-1A Corsair, one of the most feared planes of the era, otherwise known as the “ensign eliminator” or take to the skies in the A6M2 Zero, the Japanese fighter that dominated the Pacific with its 20 millimeter cannons and lithe maneuverability. [bullet]Realistic aircraft flight models. Rendered in meticulous detail, the aircraft featured in “Combat Flight Simulator 2” are four times more graphically detailed than those in the original game. Each aircraft featured in “Combat Flight Simulator 2” is based on extensive research and detailed “Flight Simulator” models, a program recently selected for a U.S. Navy training program for its unparalleled realism. Planes feature their own unique flight model, performance style and detailed cockpit. Players can watch the Corsair's wings fold on the aircraft carrier pitching deck as they land with a bone-dry fuel tank.

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