Na het succes van deel 1, kon een vervolg niet uitblijven. Pyro Studios is hard bezig met het vervolg, Commando's 2. Maar ze werken daar ook weer niet zo hard, want het spel komt pas uit in het 4e kwartaal. Tel daar de te vaak voorkomende vertraging op, en we spelen pas in 2001 commando's 2.

Maar wat van Ver komt is lekker en wat in het Vat zit verzuurt niet, om maar weer met wat spreekwoorden te gooien (die hopelijk van toepassing zullen zijn)Overview From the deepest bunkers and artilery posts of the third reich, the infamous Colditz prison, a submarine installation in the frozen wastes of northern Europe to an Aircraft carrier at sea and even Japanese HQ, Commandos 2 will take you to the most realistic and detailed gaming environments ever seen. Once again you take command of the elite soldiers behind enemy lines as you utilize each of their unique abilities to complete the mission. The Commandos 2 improved formula involves the player in a more realistic and immersive experience that goes beyond the limits of strategy gaming. Features - More Action!!! Faster paced gameplay, but still requiring the planning and investigation of mission possibilities before execution.

- Completely new game engine enabling rotatable environments and playable interiors adding a whole new dimension. Supported in three different resolutions: 640x480, 800x600, and 1024x768.

- Commandos now share abilities, however each individual enjoys an unequalled skill.

- New characters - a thief, a seductress, and a dog have joined Tiny and the team.

- Team members are also now able to carry and exchange objects and weapons.

- A variety of new vehicles, including jeeps, tanks, trucks, ships, boats and cars. All of the vehicles are based on real models from WWII: a "Willys" jeep, a "Panzer III" tank, a "Mercedes L3000" truck to name a few.

- All of the missions in single player will be playable in a cooperative Multiplayer mode.

- New enemy A.I. behavior that provides deeper and more engaging gameplay.