Op GameSpotUK hebben ze een review van Evolva gedaan. Het spel waarbij je via Alien DNA je eigen characters moet verbeteren. Of dat nou zo leuk is kan je in de review lezen.Something's wrong with the universe. Something's always wrong with the damn universe. It's a shame we can't take it back and get a refund. This time round it's a planetary plague, care of a gigantic, malicious parasite. Latching itself on to a world, this thing produces guardians to defend itself and shoots out spores to infect other planets. Why? Mindless megalomania would be my bet. Still, wherever there's a problem, there's a team of heroes or heroines to solve it, or in this case a team of Morph lookalikes. They're called the genohunters and they're slightly scarier that Tony Hart's brown plasticine friend, granted.

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