Laatst is er al een review geweest van Evolva. Die reviewers waren er weg van. Helaas waren ze bij Incite er minder "happy" mee. 3 sterren van de 5 en dan vooral op een onderdeel als Battles take place on minor and grand scales, calling for a wide range of tactics. This would be fine and dandy if the AI performed predictably, but party intelligence alternates between Einstein and Uncle Cletus. By the fiftieth time you've watched a teammate jump to his death, you'll realize Evolva's devolved into something only slightly more exciting than watching the random shape-shifting of a geometric screensaver. Frustrations can be temporarily averted by soaking up the visuals, which are utterly alien in form but brilliant in depiction. Had as much care been put into the design work as the graphics, you'd be reading about a five-star title. Slightly amusing, but inherently flawed, Evolva reeks of unfulfilled potential. Still, there's a glimmer of hope for the next evolution. Auw "net iets leuker als een screensaver", het ziet er naar uit dat Evolva niet bij iedereen in goede aarde is gevallen. De lezers van Incite gaven hem 4 sterren. Evolva Review @ Incite