Vanaf vandaag wordt Evolva op de E3 geshowed. Iedereen die de demo heeft gespeeld weet dat dit een zeer veelbelovend spel is dat een origineel spelconcept met mooie graphics en goede gameplay combineert. Slated for release this month, Evolva is an action-strategy title that pits gamers against an alien parasite as it ravages a planet and attempts to blow it up so it can spread throughout the galaxy. People are charged with mutating a squad of future soldiers called Genohunters and guiding them into confrontations with the parasite's armies before facing off against the central organism. The game uses A-Life technology to create a believable environment inhabited with intelligent creatures. As battles rage across realistic 3D locations, elements of shooters, platformers and tactical planning are slotted into the action. Here is a set of new screenshots released for the show:

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