RPOV heeft een interview over Evolva gehad met Computer Artworks Ltd. Meer over deze "Tactical Shoot 'em up" vind je bij hun en een stukje hier.stonewall: One of the most intriguing things (for me) about Evolva is that the skills that your Genohunters develop will be a result of your particular style of play. Could you elaborate on how this is done with an example?

Vince: As you progress through the game you gain new abilities and weapons from the creatures you defeat. Players will be able to make choices throughout the game via Mutator as to how they wish to balance these abilities. E.g. a player may prefer to have fast Genohunters which are good at hand to hand combat where as another player may choose slow moving Genohunters which are good at projectile combat. As each Genohunter can be mutated individual they may choose to have both of these options catered for in their team. There are many weapons and abilities in the game that can be balanced off against each other in this way. They can all be powered up to higher levels and Mutator also allows for random and aesthetic mutations to spice things up. The way these guys end up is down to the player.