Dailyradar.co.uk kreeg de kans om een blik te werpen op Evil Twin, een 3D adventure wat al volgende maand in de winkels zou moeten liggen.

Het spel gaat om Cyprien, die na zijn verjaardagsfeestje in slaap valt en wakker wordt in een nachtmerriewereld. In deze wereld moet hij zijn vrienden zien te vinden en uiteindelijk zijn eigen nachtmerries bezweren.There are strong adventure game elements in Evil Twin. One of your friends, Joecylen (and that is the right spelling by the way) has been devoured by a giant bloated version of herself. In order to rescue her you must make her giant nemesis throw up (a twisted parody of Pinocchio in the whale). To make the giant chuck, ingredients for a vomelette (a sick inducing omelette) must be retrieved from around the Joecylen's Island level in the pantry, garden and cellar areas. Once baked up, the noisome meal must be catapulted into the mouth of the doppelganger.

The catapult is often of use in a number of Evil Twin sub-games. These pay an obvious tribute to the arcade target shooting of MDK and also make use of other childish things such as paper darts that must be controlled in flight to hit moving enemies that pace across a gantry. Cyprien himself can be changed at any time into Super Cyprien. While Super Cyprien can hover for extended periods, move at much faster speeds and use different attacks, normal Cyprien is far better for delicate negotiation of the platform elements. You can expect twins in March.

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