UBI Soft heeft een Real-Time 3D Action en Adventure in 1 aangekondigd. In deze game kruip je in de huid van een 10 jarig weeskind in een boze droom:Publisher UBI SOFT Entertainment has joined forces with developer In Utero to publish a real-time 3D action and adventure release. Gamers step into the role of a resourceful 10-year-old orphan who has been transported into a dream world corrupted at the hand of an uncanny menace. To discover what this menace is, he must travel through nightmarish settings to search for clues and interact with other characters. The child must also fight terrible creatures to free others from the grip of the menace's power. At these moments, gamers become the warrior side of the character and acquire fighting powers.Voor het 3de kwartaal 2000 staat deze game gepland voor zowel PC als Dreamcast en PS2.