EverQuest zal ook worden ook uitgebracht op de PS2, dit heeft Brad McQuaid van Verant interactive bekendgemaakt in een interview met PC Gamer."We're working on a massively multiplayer PlayStation 2 game [EverQuest]," admitted McQuaid, "and there are definitely a lot of questions: how do you patch, how do you communicate with others without a keyboard? I think it will end up being a very different game. Our first idea was to just port EverQuest to a console. It's like, no, we can take the same world and the same name, but it's not going to be the same game."

Responding to the same issue, Bleszinski commented, "I'm real interested to see if any of these console guys can pull off online gaming well, and if the casual gamer will embrace it, because you can't patch a console game."Ik ben inderdaad benieuwd hoe ze de toch wel ingewikkelde controls over willen zetten naar de console. De PS2 bezitters mogen hopen dat het niet een afgeslankte versie wordt van EverQuest.