Na de expansion 'Runes of Kunark' lijkt er alweer een tweede missionpack aan te komen voor het welbekende online massive RPG 'Everquest'. Scars of Velious zal vooral een stuk interactiever worden volgens Verant (de makers van EQ).

Wat er allemaal precies is veranderd kan je lezen in de preview van CDMagThe third and last new twist in this expansion will be a revised user interface. Verant is still working on this and wasn't ready to show anything yet, but it does have an idea of the features it will likely have. "We're going to update the GUI. It's still in the design and planning stages, but our goals are to make it fully 3D, user-configurable, and to get rid of the graphic overlays," Butler says. The size and the shape and the overall feel are still up in the air."

One of the nifty new features of the new interface will provide is a way for you to tie an emote and text message to an action, such as casting a spell. For example, your druid could cast a snare spell upon an enemy and the emote and message you could have him perform might be to wave at the ensnared creature and say, "I'll be running along now. Catch me if you can!" This should allow you to personalize many aspects of your characters. Of course, the possibility of players tying comments like "D0odZ!" (and other such highbrow things) to actions is a bit daunting.

From what Verant was able to reveal, the Velious expansion looks like it's right on target to deliver what EverQuest fans seem to love. It's just stuffed full of more-more creatures, more zones to play in, more spells, and so on. From the Storm Giants massive city, which is a sight to behold, with huge walls that are impossible to scale, to the mysterious cities of the ancient Velious Dragons, Scars of Velious should have even more players signing up. Also, Verant Interactive may find that they need a new continent to house all their employees. Deze nieuwe wereld is trouwens pas aan te raden vanaf level 30 en hoger.