Sam heeft ook zo z'n upgrades nodig, en ditmaal in de vorm van een patch van 5,5 MB groot. Deze patch tilt de game naar versie 1.00c en roeit dezelfde insecten uit als de Amerikaanse patch, welke al een tijdje terug gereleased is. De patch kun je hier vandaan halen. De patch is overigens backwards compatible, en dus kun je ook met de oude versie nog steeds 'multiplayeren'. Daarnaast blijven de savegames bewaard.

Voor de mensen die al vergeten zijn wat de Amerikaanse patch allemaal verbeterde (shame on you!) staat hier onder nog eventjes alles op een rijtje:+ sometimes when sharp turning is on, view used to start spinning wildly, especially when changing gravities

+ dedicated server now supports mods

+ using Serious Editor no longer resets options for Serious Sam

+ dedicated server initialization file (ScriptsDedicated_startup.ini) was missing

+ rendering electro-fish lightning attack crashed in some rare situations when player ran away from the fish

+ audio options were not saved

+ joystick auto-disable is now off by default - some drivers report this erorrneously

+ network connection between different versions (USA-Europe and similar) didn't work. both server and client need this patch in order for connection to work

+ inability to determine CPU speed on some Win2k machines caused crashing with division by zero when starting

+ after switching the wide screen option off, mouse pointer would block in the upper part of the screen sometimes

+ added controls for gamma, brightness, contrast and posterization (gfx_fGamma, gfx_fBrightness, gfx_fContrast, gfx_iLevels) - only on Win9x and Win2k systems and on cards that support those options

+ increased number of credits options for coop games in the game options menu

+ added support for old Ati RagePro - it is slow, but it works (must use ogl_iFinish=3)

+ couldn't change player appearance and options for some players in split screen in some occasionsVoor deze serieuze shit surf je naar FilePlanet.