Voor de liefhebbers van lekker potje pc-voetbal komt er Euro League Football op de markt. Of dit een serieuse concurrent gaat worden van FIFA 2000, daar mag je zelf over oordelen:ELF will allow you to take control of any team from the current English league, as well as any of the major continental European teams. No mention in the press release of non-league teams is made, which is a shame because I would like to think I can take charge of Chelmsford City's fortunes .. at least in dreamland anyway! Like all the popular titles, you also have your own sets of suited people looking after your accounts, physios, and scouts. Something else that looks to set ELF apart from the crowd is the complete control you have over your team and stadium development. Even down to what food you sell in the ground! You can of course modify your team's training schedule as well. Practising your set piece play could prove a match winner for the next fixture. It's going to be interesting to see how all these attributes are interpreted by the pitch play. Will a player who can't shoot to save his life be as bad when you take control of him?

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