Jep, morgen begint het en nu al een review . Euro2000, de virtuele versie is al een tijdje beschikbaar. Eurogamer maakte een review. Ze waren er niet zo blij mee "meer van het zelfde" geld helaas voor veel EA titels...So what's the big problem? A few new bits here and there, a bit of gloss with an improved 3D menu system for the summer tournament, and a lot of fun to be had by all! Absolutely .. but in essence you're paying another £35 for the same game that you bought before Christmas, except with new players and stadia, and the same inherent problems. The graphics API situation remains unsolved, the crowds look worse, and the gameplay remains a tad uninvolving. It's just not right for EA Sports to shovel another title on to the gaming table without actually making any progress. I feel used and abused when I play this game, which is not very often now. What I get very tired of though is the almost heretical devotion to 3dfx that EA Sports exhibit. In this age of graphics-card-diversity, the fact that the game performs like an absolute dog on anything not equipped by a 3dfx card is unacceptable. Ja dat kan inderdaad niet meer tegenwoordig, maar wel jammer....deze is "not in the game" Eurogamers Review Review