Marcus de Jong van TeamSigma wist weer wat meer van Epilogue te vertellen, een 3D RTS.Hier is een stukkie:Epilogue is a 3D real time strategy game, but it is not an ordinary one. No, Epilogue will exceed the grey masses of its competitors in many ways. Of course the basic principles are the same. As an army commander you will be able to give orders to your men, so the war will develop as you have planned. You will have to extract oil and ore from the earth to be able to build and maintain your units. Because the battlefield is completely in 3D, more than ever it is important to strategically build your base on the right place. During the game the player has special strategic possibilities, like weather reports. This could give you an advantage over your enemy, as you know when and where a disaster could take place. You are also able to smoke out your enemy with forest fires, but if the wind turns it might smoke out your own base. While playing (in between levels and during levels) you will be kept up to date with short videos and sound messages. We can't say anything about the story because that would take away most of the excitement. We can say however that we have a more original story than all other real time strategy games."