GA-Strategy heeft wat info over Epilogue. Deze RTS is volledig 3D en anders dan andere RTS-games. De omgevingen en voertuigen zijn volledig 3D en je kunt ontzettend veel camera-standpunten in nemen. Achter een Soldaat, in een vliegtuig (welke je ook zelf kan besturen!) en nog veel meer.Because Epilogue features a completely 3D battlefield, Team Sigma has developed a very scalable graphics engine to power their game. "The engine is very scalable, terrain and all the objects... scalable," Nusman says. "We are even going to try scaling the physics to the CPU and other factors. This scalability will directly translates into a totally free camera. You can even look over the shoulders of soldiers and fly with airplanes, directly controlling them or letting the AI do the flying." During the game the player will have many special strategic possibilities, such as access to weather reports. These reports could give you an advantage over your enemy as you'll know when and where a disaster could possibly take place. The game will also feature sub-missions in which the player can choose to accept or decline. "The player has to fight his way through 32 missions, and probably several sub-missions, from which he can choose while playing," Nusman says. "Because we cannot give away the story yet, I can't say what the player has to accomplish exactly. All I can say is that the objective of Epilogue is - having lots of fun!"De game staat gepland in het tweede kwart van volgend jaar.