Na doom, quake en tig andere shoot 'em ups gaat ook UnrealTournament de grote stap naar de console wagen en dan wel de Playstation2. Hoe men dat precies in multiplayer gaat oplossen en of men straks ook goed kan muizen achter de PS2 is nog de vraag.

GameSpy maakte in ieder geval een rapport over de weken voor de release van deze nieuwe UT.It's not difficult to feel the tension in the offices of Epic Games. The developer that brought you Unreal Tournament, one of the biggest selling first-person shooter games on record, are doing something they've never done before: making their hit game into a console title.

The highly anticipated port of Unreal Tournament to Sony's Playstation2 has the Epic team recreating their hit--and experiencing a few pains along the way. Among the features in the console game:

Assorted levels--most of the 50 or so maps are taken from the original version, but the team has created several new maps specifically for the PS2.

Four game types--Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination and Assault.

Multiplayer--four-player split screens.

Weapons arsenal--favorites such as the Pulse Blaster, Impact Hammer, and the Rocket Launcher make an

appearance along with other "toys of mass destruction".

Advanced Artificial Intelligence--Bots will have improved level navigation, an understanding of lifts, swimming, triggered doors and they can pick-up items such as toxin suits and asbestos boots. Bots will also be able to determine which weapon to use in a given situation.

Spectator Cams--these can be placed throughout any level for non-intrusive voyeurism.

Enhanced User Interface--new graphically and functionally enhanced menus, and specific HUDs for each mode of play.

Enhanced Control System--modified controls for the joypad, and support for classic keyboard and mouse combinations. We gaan dus een nieuwe betekenis krijgen van Console versus PC