De update naar Half-Life is niet geheel vlekkeloos verlopen. Er zijn enorm veel bugs gevonden die varieeren van Gorden Freeman die in een potje TFC 1.5 opduikt tot frags die aan de verkeerde persoon worden toegekend in Counterstrike. Er is dus nog veel werk te doen voor Valve en de modmakers. Een kleine selectie van de bugs:

Gordons Everywhere Sometimes a model changes into Gordon. Here is a screenshot of Gordon who feels liek a game of sniping. Thanks to The Vidiot for the screenshot. Wrong Models and Weapons Not only is it possible to see just Gordon's, but it's also possible you'll see a hunted guy with a chaingun, or a scout with an RPG, or how about a sniper with a flamer? All possible. Helium Hostages BrainFreeze sent in this freak bug: "On the Italy map in CS 6.5, someone "used" a hostage near the fork in the road near the CT respawn to make the hostage stop following, and the hostage slowly floated to the top the of the map." CHEATER! No, this time it's serious. Mr.Happy reported that some people can't connect because CS gives the message "CHEATER!". Whilst their not even connected nor cheating. Reversed Controls The most wacko bug that really is annoying is reversed controls. Sometimes controls get switched when you respawn. Left becomes right, right becomes left. And forward becomes backward and backward becomes forward. Score Confirm Delay It takes time for a frag to appear in the upper right corner. This is all over Half-Life, whether you play TFC, CS, OpFor or plain HL deathmatch. Je kan ze allemaal hier lezen.