Mocht je de Age of Empires series helemaal te gek vinden, dan is Empire Earth echt iets voor jouw!

De lead designer van Age of Empires werkt nu aan Empire Earth die door Stainless Steel Studios wordt uitgebracht en VRMagazine is de gelukkige die een interview met hem heeft mogen houden.VR: In Empire Earth, players will be able to create custom civilizations with strengths and weaknesses while off-line and then challenge opponents on the internet. What are a few ways someone could tweak the attributes of the civilization to suit their style of play and how versatile is the creation system? RG: A player's civilization is entirely his own creation. Using civilization points, a player can mix and match virtually any set of numerous attributes to customize his civilization in order to match his strategy. As a player, you can create a mighty civilization to help you conquer neighboring territories, or you can create a predominantly defensive civilization in order to help you fend-off foreign powers. For those of you, like me, who are empire builders, you can select powerful economic bonuses, which will help your civilization's development over many epochs of history. Players will attempt to blend civilization attributes to create the perfect civilization. But this will be a terrific challenge in multiplayer because the list of civilization attributes is numerous. So many, in fact that you may never fight the same civilization twice. If you defeat an opponent online once, then that player just may gain enough insight into your civilization that he can make just the right adjustments to his civilization in order to defeat you in a rematch.

Sweeeet!! Die 3D engine ziet er eeeerug mooi uit!

C&C eat your heart out

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