Dune2 mag toch wel de moeder van het RTS genre genoemd worden. Westwood heeft met Dune2 echt een trend gezet en iedereen was dan ook erg blij toen Dune 2000 werd aangekondigd. Helaas was deze blijdschap van korte duur omdat het spel het chroom van een trekhaak zoog.

Hopelijk wordt dit anders met Emperor: Battle for Dune. Daily Radar maakte een preview.

Tekla bedankt voor de tip ! He who controls the spice controls the universe!

There's something spicy happening out in the desert.

On Arrakis, three houses will fight for control of the

empire -- whoever controls the spice controls the

universe. Out in Las Vegas, Westwood studios is

resurrecting the very first PC realtime strategy game

and hopes to spark a new jihad. Westwood Studios

announced this evening that it is creating Emperor:

Battle for Dune, successor to Dune 2. We sat down

with the Producer Chris Longpre (see our interview)

and have much to report on the upcoming struggle.

What we saw was an improvement on the controls from Tiberian Sun, and will represent Westwood's farthest evolution of the RTS interface and control system so far. Players familiar with the C&C franchise will immediately recognize the tab structure, building

methods and unit controls. Say goodbye to concrete;

buildings won't require that added step any longer.

Yay! Waypoints are going to be much easier to set up

and adjust.

The biggest change for Westwood is leaving the 2D

realm for a polygon-based 3D environment. The visuals

are striking; from what we've seen there is no doubt

that Emperor will be easy on the eyes. Just because

it's going 3D doesn't mean it's leaving the isometric

view -- while players will have the ability to zoom out

and in to a degree, the view won't be as tight as a

single unit or so far back that every unit is shown. Dune 3 preview, oude tijden herleven