Belgatom wist ons te melden dat het eindelijk zover is, John Romero en Tom Hall hebben Ion Storm verlaten om hun geluk ergens anders te zoeken. Zo komt eindelijk een einde aan deze slepende kwestie. John Romero and Tom Hall have decided to depart Ion Storm to pursue other interests. We wish them luck in their future endeavors and thank them for their contribution to Ion Storm over the years, without which we would never have put together such talented teams in both our Austin and Dallas offices. Ion Storm will continue as a wholly owned subsidiary of Eidos and work on the sequels to the awarding winning Thief and Deus Ex titles as well as Deus Ex for the PS2

Everyone at the Dallas office received a pink slip on Friday and that only a few administration and MIS personnel are left there to close down the office, said a former employee who was part of the layoff.

Eidos would not confirm that the Dallas staff was gone, but said they were waiting to on the sales figures for Anachronox.

We zijn natuurlijk erg benieuwd waar John nu zal opduiken, maar welk bedrijf zou geschikt zijn voor John Romero?