Ellipse Studios announced that they are getting ready to test the multiplayer portion of their real-time strategy game, Submarine Titans. The company is looking to test the game out with 150 seasoned RTS gamers. Testing will kick off in mid-January 2000 and last until March. Beta testers must have a at least 28.8k modem, an Intel-compatible PC with a minimum Pentium II 233Mhz and 6-8 hours of free time per week. To sign up, check out www.subtitans.com/beta.html. Those selected for the test will be notified via email by early January. Submarine Titans is a real-time strategy game which puts players in command of one of three civilizations; two human and one alien. The game plays out in an underwater world, where players must collect and manage various resources to build units and structures necessary to defeat the enemy. More information about the game can be found at www.subtitans.com.