Na de lancering van de nieuwe website van Eidos staat hun ftp nu helemaal vol met nieuwe goodies van aankomende titels. Enkele dingen om te downloaden:Anachronox: An archive of 19 Anachronox screenshots in an 8.4 MB zip file and an Anachronox trailer, a 39 second QuickTime trailer with in-game footage as a 9.2 MB download. I'm Going In: A new I'm Going In (A.K.A. Project IGI) trailer with in-game footage, an 8.4 MB movie that runs 40 seconds. Startopia: A new Startopia movie is an 8.8 MB 33 second trailer with a combination of in-game & cinematic footage. Commandos 2: Finally, there are a pair of new(ish) Commandos 2 trailers, the first one a 14.5 MB 1:58 trailer with both in-game & cinematic footage (some of it already familiar from the previously released 85 MB trailer-story), and the second one an 11.7 MB 1:03 trailer with in-game footage, some of it new, and some of it the same as from the first movie.