eUniverseGames (voormalige GA-Source) heeft de eer gekregen om het eerste online geweld voor de taktische game Supreme Ruler 2010 uit te brengen. Het gaat hierbij om een inteview met David Thompson, Lead Designer van BattleGoat Studios, en screenshots van de game. What are some of the significant design innovations in Supreme Ruler 2010 versus other strategy games?

David: The complexity of Supreme Ruler 2010 is not often seen in current games. Most designers don't think the public wants a game you have to think about... they just want "Tank Rush" fun. And when a game has come out that involves a more sophisticated economic or diplomatic factor, the micro-managing involved has oftentimes made the game unplayable and definitely taken the fun out of it. The phrases "Too much like work" and "Micromanaged to Death" come to mind... De game staat gepland voor het eerste kwartaal van 2002.