Een van de populairste online games, Everquest is alweer aan zijn 2de expansion toe. Everquest: Scars Of Velious. Deze expansion bevat weer nieuwe wezens, objecten en gebieden. Dus mocht je echt denken heel Everquest te hebben verkend, dan is dit weer genoeg nieuw voer voor flink wat speelplezier.Players can get to Velious in two ways. They can be ported by either a druid or wizard - both classes will be able to scribe a teleport spell at around level 30 - or they can take a boat. The boat is unlike any boat you've seen in EverQuest. Built by gnomes, who are the master tinkerers and builders of mechanical devices in Norrath, the Gnomish Icebreaker is the first vessel to penetrate Velious at its outermost tip, a series of islands called the Icy Fingers. In keeping with the gnomes' tinkering background, the Icebreaker has a giant gearlike mechanism instead of sails. Taking the boat would've prolonged our trip, so a game master on hand at the demo summoned our preconfigured level-35 characters from other continents to the first zone in Velious, the Iceclad Ocean. Here we saw the boat, the small dock, and the first NPCs, two of which were gnomes (if you count a Vendomatic clockwork gnome). You can expect to see a lot of gnomes here, as they've established a sort of stronghold at the gateway to the rest of the continent. Het complete artikel is op GameSpot te lezen.