3D Action Planet heeft een 'First Look' geplaatst van Die Hard 2:Viva Las Vegas. In deze 3rd person aktie game speel je McClane die Las Vegas moet redden door het pakken van wat Hi-tech terroristen. Yippie-ki-yay motha'... Yeah, you have seen the movies and probably played an arcade game or two but can they prepare you for the next Die Hard non-stop action title? John McClane is back and he has got the chips stacked against him in Las Vegas as he takes on some deadly hi-tech terrorists. Enjoy the bright lights of the Paris, Luxor, MGM Grand, Excalibur, and New York New York while you can because you are set to face some of the meanest, smartest villains faced yet in the now expanded Die Hard Trilogy. Think you can handle it. Let's take a look at what else is involved. Die Hard 2 staat nog gepland voor dit kwartaal en de ontwikkelaar is FOX Interactive.