Hellchick de webmaster van planetquake bracht een dag door met the boys van id Software. Das wel een leuk stukje om eens even door te nemen deze brakke zaterdag.Once I got set up, I grabbed some coffee with Duffy from the plush id kitchen. When I say "plush", of course, I mean that the kitchen is fully stocked with anything the guys could want. I imagine this is Miss Donna's plan to keep the boys fed and healthy (I saw fruit on the counter). On the way back to the desk, I tried to make the rounds and say hello to the rest of the guys, who were trickling in for work that day. For the most part, like anyone in the gaming industry, the id developers tend to keep long hours, with John Carmack's schedule being the oddest; he generally comes in in the afternoon and works until the early hours of the morning. It's not at all unusual to see his Ferrari parked outside the office at 3 a.m. (however, if you're an enterprising Mesquite resident who's looking for just such a Ferarri, don't get any ideas--it's also not unusual to see the Mesquite Police Department in the vicinity of his car at 3 a.m.) Lees meer