Joe Water, deel van het Rogue Entertainment team, heeft zijn .plan geupdate. In de update legt geeft hij je wat hints voor de nu al legendarische game van American McGee; Alice.OK, since it seems that NOBODY uses the secondary eyestaff attack and EVERYBODY (even the cheat and hint guides) thinks the second Queen is so goshdarnawful

tough to beat, here's a hint:


Yay. The blunderbuss, despite its cool factor, does not have the highest damage/mana ratio in the game if you start with a full charge.

Since it's Christmas time and since these didn't make it into the cheat book,

a couple more weapon type hints:

o each boss has a weapon that it's particularly vulnerable to. o the secondary eyestaff attack will drop projectiles on each visible enemy in sequence. If you've got 10 guys on screen and 10 projectiles, each guy will get blasted on the noggin once. o nobody ever uses the secondary icewand ice wall. Everybody complains about how hard the boss projectile attacks (Jabberwock eyebeam & breath, Red King & Queen1 beam attacks, queen2 projectile attacks) are to defend against. Somebody should try the icewall against them. o at the entrance to the tweedle fight (where the three swinging pipes are) there's that one clockwork automaton that is mostly out of range or difficult to hit. If you've got the jacks, the secondary jacks

attack will knock his ass into the mercury.

o tweedles burn good.

"Merry Christmas. Don't get hit by a bus. If you haven't yet, buy Alice."

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