Loony Games heeft een stukje laten schrijven over Half Life. Hmm.. alleen wordt er op een hele andere manier naar gekeken! Lees hem helemaal hierAround graduation time, one of Josh Vasquez's columns inspired me to try to look at video games from a literary perspective. I wanted to see whether games could be considered a form of literature. Most people laughed at me when I brought up the idea, but a few suggested that I play Half-Life. They said that, as far as games go, this one was fairly literate. Suffice it to say that right after commencement I immediately began to worry about other things such as a job, paying for graduate school, you know all the little things. So I never got around to the research. But now, this column has finally given me the opportunity to play the game. Or at least, to try to play it!

There. Now I was alone. Me and the game. Me and the freaky mutant monsters. Oh, not yet, actually. I still had to botch the big experiment. But first I had to get there. I found an elevator. There was a ladder next to it. Common sense would dictate that I go into the elevator and press the button. I have none, so I tried to climb down the ladder. And let go too early. Ouch! Ten minutes into the game and I was already dead. So I started over. I finally made it to the test lab, but I couldn't quite figure out what I had to do, and the technician, rather than providing helpful assistance over the P.A. system, just kept berating me and asking why I was taking so long. Sigh...I'll just have to figure it out myself. Big explosion, flashing lights, everything's read and green, lots of wounded and dead. Yay! I did it! I started bobbing up and down in my chair in glee.Kewl! Weer eens wat anders!