is natuurlijk niet de enige site die naar de ECTS gaat. De jongens en meisjes van Eurogamer zullen ook bij en van de partij zijn .

Voor de handigheid houden ze een dagboek bij dat ook het nageslacht weet wat er tijdens ECTS 2000 gebeurd is Early September sees the normally fashionable Kensington district of London getting over-run by an army of geeks, gamers and journalists as the Olympia exhibition hall plays host to ECTS - Europe's biggest computer games trade show.

EuroGamer is, of course, here in force to cover the event, and over the next few days we'll be bringing you all the latest news, previews, screenshots and buzz live and direct from the show...


ECTS started a day early this year, as Electronic Arts threw a massive party at their extravagant new headquarters in Chertsey, a small town just a stone's

throw from the M25 motorway that circles London.

Looking like a cross between the home of the future and the home of a Bond villain, the building was soon filled with journalists lured by the promise of free beer, free food, and the opportunity to see many of EA's forthcoming games in action.

After a lengthy coach ride out into the country to get to the venue, we piled out into a sun-soaked glass fronted building, surrounded by landscaped gardens, and with a large lake along one side. Formula One cars were

parked outside the main entrance and in the lobby, and a small crowd had already gathered inside, huddling around consoles and PCs to sample the latest delights EA had to offer.

Luckily the real star of EA's crown, Lionhead's awe inspiring god game "Black & White", was on show. Peter Molyneux, the warped brains behind this decidely odd game, was demonstrating it every hour to a room packed full of stunned journalists and freeloaders. The game looked simply stunning, and the attention to detail and sheer craziness of the whole thing was incredible"Free beer, fee food" nu weet ik waarom Jimmy en Erik er ook naar toegaan (stelletje freeloaders ).