Er was al een demo van dit spel in omloop op het internet alleen die bevatte veel grote onnodige bestanden. Deze was 40 MB daarvan was 25 MB onnodig. Bij Avault hebben ze de "echte" demo en die is 15.4 MB. Die je hier downen. Rollcage Stage II is the sequel to Rollcage. As in the original we feature cool, drive anywhere, flip over cars that race at extreme speeds. The unique driving experience offered by Rollcage is still retained and has been improved on. Like any sequel we have more of everything - more cars, more tracks and more game modes. But, it's not just a case of more is better, we've listened to the critics of Rollcage and have gone to great lengths to make the game more fun, easy to pick up and more rewarding. Note: There is a 40 MB version of this demo floating around. It contains 25 MB worth of 3dfx drivers and other unnecessary files. We removed those files and reduced the demo size to 15.4 MB. After installing this demo, you may get a "missing dll" error, ignore it.