Cyan is bezig met een 'echte' versie van Myst, waarbij je dus 100% volledige vrijheid hebt over hoe je beweegt. Niet meer dat klik-en-beeld stijl net als in de originele Myst en Riven, maar net als in een FPS.I'm interested to see how they address certain issues in the game. One thing that made some of Myst's puzzles work at all was that you didn't have complete freedom of movement. For example, the clock tower at one end of the main island was only accessible after you fiddled with the knobs and got the walkway to appear. But in realtime Myst, what's to prevent you from just wading over? It can't be more than three feet deep there. Likewise, what if you walk off the dock and into the water at the beginning of the game? Will you drown immediately, will there be an obvious way back out, or will they contrive that You Just Can't Go There? Oh, and if I crank the boiler pressure really high, can I launch the tree off the island? :-) En Blue's News heeft natuurlijk bijbehorende screenshots: