Op Buka.com hebben ze 5 nieuwe Echelon screens. STORM is a fantastic military aircraft simulation set in the distant future, in 2351. The player assumes the role of a pilot of the Galactic Federation, defending a planet attacked by rebels in possession of secret alien technology which, they hope, will help them to overcome the federation and conquer all the surrounding worlds. In the course of the game, the player advances his/her military career; success in battle brings ever-higher ranks, new opportunities to choose aircraft and weapons, and even to control squad actions or whole battles. There will be two war campaigns in the game, up to 30 missions each, under various weather-conditions and at different time of day/night. Completing 8-15 missions (each of which can be completed in several different ways) to change the progress of the storyline: to play STORM only once just won't be enough. There will be several difficulty levels and training missions in the game.